October 1, 2020

KaoticKlone Productions

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Safety Program

Our company implemented a safety program for all cast, crew and office staff to adhere too. Everyone on set needs to practice set safety, learn our code of conduct and work together so we can complete the project we are working on. This means KaoticKlone Productions has ZERO tolerance for unsafe set practices. Every crew member must know their responsibilities for a safe set as well as our cast members.

Simple rules like tying your shoelaces, not running on set, respecting your directors, and knowing the chain of command is all about being safe. When filming on hot days, staying dehydrated is a must, watching out for your fellow cast or crew members is also your job. If you know Kevin has not eaten all day, has not drunk any water and it’s 100 degrees outside, let your directors know, safety representative, or safety ambassador. Kevin may not like you telling someone or you may feel it’s not your place, REPORT IT ANONYMOUSLY! See Something, Say Something.

Safety Program Syllabus

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